Pros and Cons of Dream Act

Posted on April 8, 2013. Filed under: Immigration |

The DREAM Act is one of the controversial bills and is also one of the controversial issues in the immigration debate and the DREAM Act is the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. This Act if passed would permit the young undocumented immigrants who got into the country as children, to become legal residents of the country. This Act would help the undocumented immigrants who were brought to the county as minors or when they were below age 15, to become US citizens. Though this bill was supported by the Democrats, it failed to pass and as President Obama has been re-elected, many believe that this Act will soon be passed.

The DREAM Act is in favor of the undocumented immigrants in the United States. Though many argue that the undocumented immigrants must be sent out of the country, for many undocumented immigrants, United States is the only home as they were brought to the country when they were still babies. Many have not been to their countries of citizenship and they do not know their mother tongues and they know nothing about their home countries. Hence, deporting such immigrants may not make sense and the proponents of the DREAM Act say that it is not right to deport them.

Many have a notion that the immigrants take the jobs of the Americans but that is not true as the immigrants take the jobs that the Americans do not want. Likewise, the undocumented immigrants would boost the economy of the United States and legalizing the undocumented immigrants may not harm the country’s economy. The DREAM Act that is considered to be a controversial bill, would offer a pathway to US citizenship for the undocumented youth in the country. Proponents say that if the undocumented youth are given equal opportunities, they might be tomorrow’s scientists, researchers, soldiers, etc. Nevertheless, the DREAM Act would permit children who got into the country through no fault on their part to take part in the American DREAM.

Though many support the DREAM Act and there are some who are against the DREAM Act. According to the opponents of the DREAM Act, undocumented immigrants do not deserve citizenship rights and privileges and they must not be granted such rights for which they did not work. Opponents say that the DREAM Act will encourage illegal immigrants and that many will try to cross the borders illegally and gain lawful status. Moreover, the taxes paid by the law abiding US citizens will be spent on the undocumented immigrants who broke the country’s immigration laws. The opponents believe that the foreign nationals will cross the borders illegally instead of waiting for years and immigrating legally, if the undocumented immigrants who are currently living in the country are granted amnesty.


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