How To Replace A Lost Green Card?

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Just imagine you have settled with work and stay in the US and one fine morning you wake up and see that you have lost your green card. Its really a night mare to have lost the green card, as the permanent resident card proves your identity in the US.

The first step is to try to sort out the issue and not to panic. Secondly, a police complaint needs to be filed so that your permanent resident card is not misused. Finally, you need to replace the lost green card which is a fairly straight forward process. Per the law, you are supposed to carry your permanent resident card at all times to prove your status, hence it becomes necessary to replace the lost green card at the earliest.

Replacing the lost green card:

Now comes the question how to replace a permanent resident card? It is not be as tough as getting a new green card. Yet it a job that entails preparation of application and spending some time on it.

The best way to know how to apply to for a replacement of a lawful permanent resident card can be found online. With the internet coming into existence, replacement online is the preferred mode of replacement or renewal for most immigrants in the United States. Whether they lost their card, it has been stolen or mutilated, they really need to replace it with a new updated permanent resident card.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has formulated certain parameters on how one can replace their lost LPR card by the replacement process and safeguard their green card which is an important document. Not having an updated document might lead to residency issues or employment related problems.

The replacement of the green card can be done by filing Form I 90, Application to Replace LPR Card, which is the application to replace or renew your lawful permanent resident card. This form cannot be filed to apply for a new green card or to remove the conditions on a conditional green card. If you are an LPR card holder and you lost it while you were outside the United States, the best option is to contact the nearest US embassy or consulate who can help you in obtaining a replacement card by assisting you in filing the form appropriate to your situation.

The application should be filed along with the processing fees and the required documents. It is not necessary to submit photos along with the application. The completed application should be mailed to the specified address and after few weeks of submission you will receive a notice from the USCIS regarding your fingerprints and biometrics. On approval of your application you will be issued with a permanent resident card which will be mailed to you. The approximate processing time is about 3 to 4 months.

On the whole the replacement process does not seem to be tedious process at all. Proper guidance will help you to replace your LPR card at the right time and you can enjoy all the benefits.


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