Who can file Form N-600?

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Form N-600 is the application submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS for Certificate of Citizenship. It is an application to receive a proof of U.S. Citizenship that was acquired at birth or after birth (derived) through an U.S. Citizen parent. Citizenship application for children can be submitted to the USCIS by filing Form N-600, which is a good way to evidence citizenship in the long run because passports expire. Preparing a citizenship application for children is easy, you need to answer few questions about yourself, citizenship, military and about your parents through whom you are claiming citizenship.

Form N-600 requirements

Form N-600 requirements states that if you belong to any one of the following categories, you are elligible to file Form N-600.

• Children who acquired U.S. Citizenship by birth or after birth(derived) through U.S. Citizen parent.

• Children born to U.S. Citizen parent outside the U.S.

• Children who fulfill the requirements of becoming a U.S. citizen prior to their 18th birthday.

• The Citizenship application for children who are adopted or biological children and are under 18 years should be filed by the U.S. parent.

• Immediate relative can file Form N-600 for an adult applicant with disability.

To obtain the Citizenship application for children, Form N-600 requirements must be met along with the following:

• Atleast one parent must be a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization.

• Children must be under 18 years.

• Children who are temporarily in the U.S. with lawful admission.

• The citizen parent must have been in the U.S. physically for atleast five years.

Children listed in the following categories are not eligible for a citizenship application :

• Children who do not have a claim for U.S. citizenship

• Step daughter or Step son

• Children who were not legitimated before their 16th birthday

• Children who are residing outside the U.S. and parents are U.S. Citizens.

If Form N-600 requirements are met, you can begin to file the application. Form N-600 requirements include submitting the following documents to the USCIS.

• Birth Certificate

• Marriage Certificate

• If a marriage has terminated, include documents like divorce decree, death certificate.

• Proof of U.S. Citizenship

• Legitimation proof for children born out of wedlock

• Proof for legal custody for children whose U.S. Citizen parents have divorced or separated

• Adoption decree for children who are adopted.

• Evidence of Lawful Permanent Residence for individuals claiming U.S. Citizenship through alien parents who have naturalized.

• Evidence for physical presence in the U.S.

• Translation of foreign language documents.

According to Form N-600 requirements, you have to submit two identical passport size colored photographs, which were taken within 30 days to the USCIS along with the supporting documents, filing fee and Form N-600. Ensure that you sign the application. If you do not sign the application and if the filing fee is not attached, your application will be rejected. Do not send any original documents to USCIS, unless you are asked to send. If you change your address while your application is pending, you must inform the change of address to USCIS.


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8 Responses to “Who can file Form N-600?”

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no he conseguido la informacion que deseo saber, mi pregunta es la siguiente” deseo saber cuanto tiempo se tarda el proceso para que le entreguen el certificado de naturalizacion a mi hijo menor luego que se deposita la N-600 y si puedo solicitar el pasaporte del nene sin anyes haberle llegado su certificado gracias mil

Thank you for visiting my blog but I’m Sorry, because I don’t understand, I don’t speak spanish. But I think you have question about certificate of naturalization because you mentioned the N-600. Kindly visit immigration direct for more information.

[…] proof of U.S. Citizenship immigrateinusa.wordpress.com […]

The filing fee for N-600 is $600. If the parents are filing for their adopted child, then the filing fee is $550.

There is no filing fee for military people and veterans with a record service. They just need to attach proof of their service. Otherwise, they will be required to pay the filing fee.

The children of members of the Armed Forces should pay the filing fee for Form N-600.

Do I still have to send a 600 dollar check with the package even If I submit Military service records?

Hi James,

kindly contact our customer service for they are the one who answer all the inquiries. Please use this to contact.

Hi what is the difference between Application for certificate of citizenship and Application for citizenship and issuance of certificate under section 322 I don’t know which one should my husband file

Hi Christina,

The basic difference is, one is Form N-600 (Application for Certificate
of Citizenship) and the other is N-600K (Application for Citizenship and
Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322). Both the forms as the name
implies (N-600) means claiming citizenship based on parentage. The only
difference is that N-600K is for children who regularly reside abroad
and applying for citizenship.

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